Gaining Weight By Too Much Sitting Is False, Learn It Why It Turns Out Sitting

For many years, scientists and health experts have believed that a sedentary lifestyle, which includes being in a restful position for the majority of your time, causes a person to gain weight and eventually become obese. Most studies have suggested that the numerous health risks that are associated with a sedentary lifestyle are due to the fact that the risk of obesity increases significantly with prolonged periods of sitting. New studies however, suggest otherwise, as a team of scientists was not able to find any significant evidence that sitting causes people to gain as much weight as once thought.

Findings Of A New Research Study

Medical News Today reports that a new study, conducted by the University of Otago, located in New Zealand, provided evidence that sitting too much won’t really make a person fatter. They found that the results of sitting for prolonged periods of time, even over several years, did not cause an increase in bodyweight or waist circumference that can be considered hazardous. The leader of the study explained that previous thoughts that claimed the risk of obesity associated with a sedentary lifestyle may not be completely correct, but it is still important to note that, even though this study proved a sedentary lifestyle to not have the effect on body weight as initially thought, there are still many health risks associated with sitting a lot and not participating in enough physical activity.

What Risk Factors Have Been Associated With A Sedentary Lifestyle

As we have noted, this new study might have provided evidence that a sedentary lifestyle does not necessarily lead to obesity, it should still be noted that a sedentary lifestyle causes many health problems. According to Mayo Clinic, one of the most important factors to consider about sitting too much is the fact that scientific research has indicated that people who lead a sedentary lifestyle have a significantly higher risk of dying prematurely, as well as a 125% increase in the risk of developing certain chronic health problems that may have an adverse impact on the person’s quality-of-life.

Some conditions that have been associated with a sedentary lifestyle include cardiovascular diseases, including heart failure, heart attacks and angina. High blood pressure and type 2 diabetes also have strong connections to a sedentary lifestyle. Furthermore, we should also note that some research suggests that a sedentary lifestyle increases a person’s risk of developing some leading diseases that cause premature death.


While it was originally thought that the health risks of a sedentary lifestyle are caused by the increased risk of obesity, a new study has found evidence that there is not a significantly increased risk in becoming obese when a person follows a sedentary lifestyle. The study did, however, mention that a sedentary lifestyle still causes many adverse effects on a person’s overall health, and continued to place an emphasis on the importance of staying active.

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