Three Easy Core-Strengthening Exercises for Men

Men often brush the idea of building a strong central core aside and assume it is something that only women need to do. However, men can benefit from building and strengthening their central core muscles. A strong central core can help maintain balance, reduce excessive weight around the mid-section, and help stabilize the entire body.

Stabilizing and strengthening your core is as easy as engaging in several quick exercises that only take a few minutes to do. The following are three core-strengthening exercises that are easy to add to your already busy day.

The Knee Fold Tuck

The knee fold tuck helps build the lower and side core muscles. Just sit on the floor with both hands at your sides and knees bent. Move the legs up towards the shoulders while keeping the shins parallel to the floor. The arms lift off the group and are placed in front of the body. It is important to keep the upper body straight while doing this. Repeat the motion 15 times for maximum strengthening.

For a little extra strength building, consider adding a small ball or towel between the legs. While moving the legs up, you can squeeze the ball, which adds a level of difficulty to the exercise.

The Climbing Rope Exercise

This exercise mimics the benefits you can receive from rope climbing without having to install a rope from your ceiling. You will start by sitting on the floor with your legs extended out in front of you. Slowly contract your stomach, so it appears as if you are in a C-shape. While contracting your stomach muscles life your arms in the air and pantomime climbing up a rope. When each arm goes in the air, slightly turn the body to one side or the other. Repeat this action 20 times for each arm.

The Sideways Crunch

The sideways crunch looks like a regular crunch, but does it while you are on your side. The side position provides extra tension on the side for a better stronger core. Lean to the side, and start with one knee and one hand on the floor. Extend the leg that isn’t on the floor out to the side so it looks like you have formed a tabletop or straight line. Slowly move the knee in the air up towards your chest, while also moving the free arm. Repeat this action at least 10 times, and then switch to the other side.

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